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Rematic Tokens LLC, a Virginia-based software solutions company, aims to bring blockchain technology to the commercial and public sector through crypto agnostic applications. They have recently launched their inaugural token, RematicEGC ($RMTX), which is designed to fund the development of these industry-changing solutions. Additionally, the token itself provides holders with returns through reflections, a form of dividend generated from buying and selling $RMTX, while the company will provide extended returns on investments through profit sharing.

Buying and holding $RMTX provides reflections in EverGrow (EGC) tokens. The protocol takes 9% of all transactions and redistributes them to $RMTX holders. Holdings of EGC also provide reflections in BUSD. As a result, investors are instantly earning returns in the form of two other cryptocurrencies. For more detail, visit our Website or hang out with us on Discord.

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